Orange lens hood motorcycle LED fog light for Yamaha BMW R1250gs Adv F800gs R1250gs LC

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Orange lens hood motorcycle LED fog light for Yamaha BMW R1250gs Adv F800gs R1250gs LC

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  • Power:40W

  • Voltage:DC10-30V




  • Our LED lights help make you visible to other drivers. The bright white beam of the LED lights draw the attention of other drivers, who sometimes don't see motorcycles. While our LED's grab other motorist's attention, they are not so bright that they blind and distract them.
  • LED lights offer reliable service thirty thousands of hours, That means there's no need to carry spare bulbs or worry about burnt-out lights with LED's.

Feature :

  • The output of the LED lights is pure white light, which is more effective at lighting up the road, and is more noticeable to other vehicles during both the day and night.
  • LED lights draw only 10-30 watts each (A standard headlight draws 55 watts). This saves your limited wattage for heated gear, or other electronic accessories and also saves your alternator from excessive wear and tear.
  • LED's feature reflectors and lenses designed to minimize the amount of scattered light, meaning more of the produced light reaches the road, where it counts.
  • LED lights and mounting systems are low profile, and stylish by design.


  • Notice:With resistance is 10% higher than that without resistive light
  • Power:40W
  • Voltage:DC10-30V
  • Color light:White
  • Color temperature:6000K
  • Work temperature: -45℃--85
  • Life span:30000hours
  • Mounting bracket 360 deguniversal adjustment bracket
  • For additional protection for the lenses of your LED lights, we provide yellow lens shades.


  • For BMW motorcycle and It also can be used for universal Motorcycle Auxiliary Light.

Package included :

  • Motorcycle Fog Lights * 2
  • Lens shield * 2
  • Motorcycle Wiring * 1
  • Switch*1
  • Mounting bracket*1


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