Suitable for shimano SPD lock Keo self-locking professional bicycle pedal road bike pedal with cleat pedal

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  • PD-R95 (for LOOK KEO lock)
  • PD-R97 (suitable for SHIMANO SPD lock plate)


  • Highway lock pedal can help the driver to increase the cadence speed. If the cadence speed is above the speed without using the lock pedal, there is a danger of the shoes and pedals coming off. So using lock pedals can increase your cadence. In addition, the lock shoe is fixed on the lock pedal, which can correct the riding posture without worrying about the wrong riding posture, causing physical strain.


  • Brand: PROMEND
  • Product Name: Highway Self-locking Palin Pedal
  • Model: PD-R97 (suitable for SHIMANO SPD lock plate)
  • PD-R95 (for LOOK KEO lock)
  • Material: main body aluminum alloy, axis chromium molybdenum steel
  • Locking plate: suitable for SHIMANO 6 degree locking plate, suitable for LOOK 9 degree locking plate
  • Weight: 298g/pair (including packaging about 650g)

Please pay attention to the purchase of any PROMEND pedal notes:

  • Please pay attention to whether the pitch of the crank and the tooth plate of the pedal is consistent with the pitch of the pedal. Some bicycles or domestic bicycles are divided into English and metric systems, which will cause you to love the car. The crank set and pedals will be damaged, and there is no way to use it normally after destruction;
  • All the pedals are divided into left and right sides, and the direction of the teeth on each side is different. Normally, the installation pattern of all the pedals is to tighten the pedal counterclockwise in the direction of the front. The thread teeth of the tread and crank set;
  • The size of the pedal axis is generally 9/16 or 1 1/2. 9/16 is suitable for general leisure. Off-road or road bike pedals, 1 1/2 axis is generally used in high-strength The size of the axle core varies on the downhill or performance car (BMX);
  • Normal pedaling requires maintenance for a period of time. Normally, it is necessary to remove the pedal during maintenance. Separate the shaft core from the pedal body under the operation of a maintenance technician, remove the bearing part, and clean the pedal body and shaft core Dust on the bearing, clean the sand and dust on the bearing, clean the bearing with a brush and soak it in lubricating oil for 1-2 hours to ensure the normal rotation of the bearing without any lubrication. Put all the pedal body and shaft The core bearing is installed.

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